Sandeman, Susan and Howell, Carol and Zheng, Yishan and Davenport, Andrew and Basnayake, Kolitha and Boyd, Owen (2021) ADEPT. [Data Collection]

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When the kidneys fail they are no longer able to clear waste products which are normally cleared in urine. These molecules build up in the bloodstream and cause damage to other parts of the body. In addition, kidney failure is associated with a sustained inflammatory state where substances which may cause vascular disease and wasting are present in high quantities. Dialysis is a well established treatment for patients with kidney failure. However dialysis can only effectively remove small, water soluble waste products. Larger inflammatory molecules and those which are not water soluble and are bound to proteins accumulate over time and result in reduced life expectancy and quality of life. Although kidney dialysis treatments have been available for many years, 5 year patient survival remains less than that for many common cancers, such as colon cancer. Thus new developments are required to improve patient outcome. Many of the larger molecules which accumulate in patients with kidney failure can be removed by sticking them to a porous surface (termed adsorption). No cost effective and efficient adsorption devices are currently available. However, a range of novel adsorbent materials have been recently developed which are able to remove these larger and protein bound compounds, and these can be produced relatively cheaply for use alongside haemodialysis without producing any harmful side effects. When fully tested these could enhance dialysis technology and offer a more effective therapy for patients with kidney failure.

Uncontrolled Keywords: uraemic toxins, kidney disease, medical device, adsorbent, cytokines
Subjects: B Subjects allied to medicine > B800 Medical technology
C Biological sciences > C760 Biomolecular science
Departments: School of Applied Sciences
Depositing User: Susan Sandeman
Date Deposited: 22 Feb 2021 14:49
Last Modified: 23 Jun 2021 11:39
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