Smart E-Bike Monitoring System (SEMS)

Kiefer, Chris and Behrendt, Frauke (2015) Smart E-Bike Monitoring System (SEMS). [Data Collection]

Project Description

This zip file contains the Source code and hardware design for the Smart-E Bikes Monitoring System. The Smart E-Bike Monitoring System (SEMS) is a platform for the real- time acquisition of usage data from electrically-assisted bikes (also called pedelecs or e-bikes). It is autonomous (runs off the bike battery), replicable (open-source and open hardware), scalable (different fleet sizes) and modular (sensors can be added) so it can be used for further research and development. The system monitors location (GPS), rider control data (level of assistance) and other custom sensor input in real time. The SEMS data can feed an online interface for data analysis, for riders to view their own data and for sharing on social media. The basic system can be replicated by other researchers and can be extended with modules to explore various issues in e-bike research. The source code and hardware design are publicly available, under the GPL license, for non-commercial use. SEMS was implemented on 30 bikes and collected data during ten months of real-word trials in the UK. The SEMS turns singular e-bikes into a networked fleet.

Uncontrolled Keywords: electrically-assisted bicycles, e-bikes, pedelecs, smart monitoring, intelligent city, smart city, intelligent transport, sustainable transport, GPS, design, ICT, hardware, software, sensors, open source, open hardware, mobile phone, fleet monitoring, trial, real-time data, location monitoring, assistance monitoring, social media, online feedback, Internet of Things
Subjects: H Engineering > H130 Computer-aided engineering
H Engineering > H230 Transport engineering
H Engineering > H610 Electronic engineering
H Engineering > H641 Telecommunications engineering
L Social studies > L434 Transport policy
P Mass communications & documentation > P300 Media studies
Departments: School of Art and Media
Depositing User: Frauke Behrendt
Date Deposited: 30 Apr 2015 08:31
Last Modified: 23 Jun 2021 11:44
Researchers (inc. External):
    • Kiefer, Chris
    • Behrendt, Frauke




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