Research for TRAN Committee -Overtourism: impact and possible policy responses

PEETERS, Paul and GÖSSLING, Stefan and KLIJS, Jeroen and MILANO, Claudio and Novelli, Marina and DIJKMANS, Corné and EIJGELAAR, Eke and HARTMAN, Stefan and HESLINGA, Jasper and ISAAC, Rami and MITAS, Ondrej and MORETTI,, Simone and NAWIJN, Jeroen and PAPP, Bernadett and POSTMA, Albert (2021) Research for TRAN Committee -Overtourism: impact and possible policy responses. [Data Collection]

Project Description

This study addresses the complex phenomenon of overtourism in the EU. By focusing on a set of case studies, the study reports on overtourism indicators, discusses management approaches implemented within different destinations and assesses policy responses. It concludes that a common set of indicators cannot be defined because of the complex causes and effects of overtourism. Avoiding overtourism requires custom-made policies in cooperation between destinations' stakeholders and policymakers.

Uncontrolled Keywords: overtourism, EU, sustainable tourism, tourism planning
Subjects: N Business & administrative studies > N800 Hospitality, leisure, sport, tourism & transport
N Business & administrative studies > N830 Tourism
N Business & administrative studies > N831 Tourism studies
N Business & administrative studies > N832 Tourism management
Departments: School of Sport and Health Sciences
Depositing User: Marina Novelli
Date Deposited: 25 Feb 2021 09:21
Last Modified: 23 Jun 2021 11:41
Researchers (inc. External):
    • PEETERS, Paul
    • GÖSSLING, Stefan
    • KLIJS, Jeroen
    • MILANO, Claudio
    • DIJKMANS, Corné
    • EIJGELAAR, Eke
    • HARTMAN, Stefan
    • HESLINGA, Jasper
    • ISAAC, Rami
    • MITAS, Ondrej
    • MORETTI,, Simone
    • NAWIJN, Jeroen
    • PAPP, Bernadett
    • POSTMA, Albert


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