Disc Regeneration

Santin, Matteo and Perugini, Valeria (2021) Disc Regeneration. [Data Collection]

Project Description

Disc Regeneration was a large-scale project supported by the European Commission focussing on tissue engineering approaches to regenerate damaged intervertebral disc damages that are the main cause of back pain in the population. The work focussed particularly on the control of pathological angiogenesis to avoid the penetration of blood vessel in the nucleus pulposus of the disc that is a non-vascularised cartilageneous tissue. The data here included focus mainly on the latter aspect of the project.

Uncontrolled Keywords: biomaterials, tissue engineering, intervertebral disc, angiogenesis
Subjects: A Medicine & dentistry > A100 Pre-clinical medicine
Departments: School of Applied Sciences
Depositing User: Matteo Santin
Date Deposited: 22 Feb 2021 12:54
Last Modified: 23 Jun 2021 11:39
Researchers (inc. External):
    • Santin, Matteo
    • M.Santin@brighton.ac.uk
    • Perugini, Valeria
    • V.Perugini@brighton.ac.uk


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