Accelerated low water corrosion: the microbial sulfur cycle in microcosm

Smith, Martin and Bardiau, Marjorie and Brennan, Richard and Burgess, Heidi and Caplin, Jon and Ray, Santanu and Urios, Thomas (2021) Accelerated low water corrosion: the microbial sulfur cycle in microcosm. [Data Collection]

Project Description

ccelerated low water corrosion is a form of marine steel corrosion caused by bacterial activity. It has a global spread and is potentially responsible for billions of pounds of damage. We have determined in detail both the chemistry of corrosion products and the associated microbiology at a UK site. The corrosion products form a layered structure with iron sulfides at the steel surface and iron oxides and sulfates in contact with water. The iron sulfides are formed by reaction of steel with hydrogen sulfide formed by sulfate-reducing bacteria and are oxidised through a series of sulfur oxidation states by sulfide-oxidising bacteria, forming acid at all stages and encompassing the whole of the bacterial sulfur cycle. The bacteria involved are endemic in anoxic bed sediment, and the process is a response to the presence of steel as an electron donor, and the generation of anoxic microenvironments within corrosion products.

Uncontrolled Keywords: Microbially influenced corrosion; marine steel; marine structures; sufate reducing bacteria; sufide oxidising bacteria; sulfur mineralogy.
Subjects: C Biological sciences > C161 Marine biology
C Biological sciences > C510 Applied microbiology
F Physical sciences > F110 Applied chemistry
F Physical sciences > F631 Marine geotechnology
F Physical sciences > F670 Geochemistry
H Engineering > H350 Offshore engineering
Departments: School of Applied Sciences
Depositing User: Martin Smith
Date Deposited: 19 Feb 2021 11:46
Last Modified: 23 Jun 2021 11:31
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